Non-traditional ways
of advertising and promotion

About Us

ChargerAd specializes in non-traditional ways
of advertising and promotion.
Display advertising on desktop chargers.
Branded chargers for events.
Lead generation marketing through QR code & landing page

The medium

The table top charger

High performance (16,000 mAh). Capable to charge up-to 14 devices by 50%, with one charge with two 3-way cables and 100% coverage as it is compatible with USB type C, Apple lightning, Micro USB The Device has a Branded side & Advertising side 11x21cm with a QR code leading to landing page (Patented product)


Each charger exposed to approximately 100 people daily. Exposure for more than 60 minutes on average (per user) Exposure on table tops even if a user does not use them. Advertisement viewed more than 20 times on average.


Over 3,000 chargers in more than 350 locations in Cyprus. Very fast growing network. Custom locations (subject to agreements & period of contract). Event related placements.

Promote products effectively

ChargerAd works efficiently as a display tool as it is positioned exactly at the point of consumption. Communicates, informs, reminds and affects the buying decision. At the same time it gets your message across to your audience with immediacy, even when it concerns a product / service that is not offered in the venue.

Product launches

In the case of launching new products on the market, Power Up Spot® can provide a significant boost to sales. By projecting the product at the point of purchase, it strengthens spontaneous purchases and communicates directly to the public who is willing to try out new products.


Brand innovation

Connect your brand with an innovative product. If one of the elements that determine your brand identity is innovation, then this image is enhanced by providing your audience with a free charging service when they need it, in a unique way so far.

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